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News for our members

Election results

At out June meeting, a slate of new officers was offered and, since there were no nominations from the floor, the slate was accepted by acclamation. The new officers are:

Superintendent: John Williams

Assistant superintendent: Robert Bell

Company Clerk: Ken Granzin

Paymaster: Jim Fuqua

Your help is really needed!

Here is a real opportunity for you to help your club, your hobby, and see a great train show. This week end , June 27 and 28, we are taking the modules to Charlotte for a train show. We need your help in loading, unloading, setting up, running trains, being nice to interested people, and taking it all apart again.

Actually, if you could do just one of those tasks, it would make life a lot easier on the few who always seem to do this for us. Contact Fred Coleman if you have questions or if you want to offer to help. His number is 699-0983. If he doesnít answer, leave a message. Or try Fred at

Its party time!

Members are reminded that our next meeting is on Saturday, July 19. This is our annual picnic. Bring your significant other, and enjoy fellowship and a meal together. Please contact Fred to let him know how that you are planning to attend (so he can feed you). Better yet, offer to bring a covered dish of your favorite food for others to enjoy. (That would let Fred enjoy the day too.) His phone Number is 699-0983. If he doesnít answer, leave a message. You can also contact him at

We will leave you with this parting shot

Parting Shot of a switching tower
What are these people doing? Where are they? We will tell you next month. See you then.