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October 2009, Volume 39 No. 2, Page 2

News for our members

Our next meeting

Our next meeting will be starting at 7 PM on Thursday October 1st

Clinic: DVD - Adding Sound to Model Railroad Scenes

Summary: Sound has brought greater realism to locomotives, now new sound modules can bring realism to other parts of your layout. Come out to see some of the scenes discussed.

Helth and Welfare

Bill Siebert is getting physical rehab twice a day now. Playing kickball (for balance), hiking through and over an obstacle course of canes laying on the floor and performing other supervised feats of exercise.
Unsupervised exercise is scooting around in a wheel chair using his own legs. When his strength and balance are deemed sufficient, then he will be permitted to use a walker unsupervised. And the physical therapist is beginning to think he might be able to graduate and go home within the next two to three weeks if he continues progressing this well. Wouldn't that be grand?!?!?
And, to everyone's delight, he celebrated his eighty-fifth birthday WooHoo!!!
Thank you all for the continuing support and prayers. They're very much appreciated!
Update provided by his son Joe on 9/17.
Keep him in our thoughts and prayers

Have an interesting idea for a clinic that you can do.
Please call Fred Coleman to schedule your time today!
Hurry, there is a limited availability, call now for preferred placement.

Layout for sale

Jim Stefen has contacted us with the following message: I have a very large layout of the Durango Silverton HO model RR. We are selling our house and I need to sell the complete set. I have sev-eral trains, lots of cars & engines, houses, hand built, houses, cars, people, lots of track, many ex-tras, roundhouse, you need to see it. This would be a great project if several people got together on it. I never did finish the layout but it's pretty much on it's way to completion. It comes apart in 3/4 sections. It's been a labor of love but can be no more. I will e-mail pictures. I live close to Maggie Valley at exit 15 (Fines Creek area). Please call me at 828-627-9676 So anyone wanting to jump start their layout building, please call Jim Stefen, or contact the webmaster for his email.

Minutes of the Division Meeting, Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ken Granzin, Company Clerk

John Williams called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m.

Jim Fuqua gave the treasurer’s report. He mentioned that fees (formerly incorrectly called dues) are now due. The amount has not changed, so please give Jim $12 for the year, either in person or via USPS.

Jack Mershon passed around a get-well card for Bill Siebert so members could sign. John Williams gave a status report on Bill’s condition.

Fred Coleman related the success of our move out of the space in the barn we have occupied for 4 ½ years.
We moved from upstairs to downstairs in the barn for N-scale equipment and supplies and moved HO modules, equipment, and supplies to a storage building nearby. He asked for help after the meeting to move some last items from the upper floor.

Fred already has some vendors interested in our annual show, which will be held at the WNC Fairgrounds 5, 6 March. Flyers will be distributed at the Mountain State Fair beginning 10 September. Also, the HO modules will be shown in Hendersonville 3 October for Farm-City Day and in Black Mountain 17 October for Autumn by the Rails.

Dan Lang reported on the Apple Valley Club’s plans for public visiting during the Hendersonville Apple Festival to be held over the Labor Day weekend. An NS locomotive will be present at the depot. On 13 August the club shared operating time with members of our club, who behaved well enough that a second invitation is extended for 16 September. Those participating are requested to take a radio device and controller if they have one. They should be there no later than 9:15 a.m. for a meeting.

Frank Pearsall spoke about a proposed division meet, with 9-10 April a possible date. He reminded members about the Narrow Track conclave scheduled for October in Brevard. Our own Gordon Fewster will present two clinics and there will be many other clinics.

Joe Norris reported that the Railroad Model Craftsman magazine is close to folding.

On Tuesday, 8 September, members will set up a traveling G-scale layout at the WNC Ag Center. They will be given free passes.

The clinic for the evening was not held because of a computer failure.

Fred brought up the possibility of acquiring a deed at Eliada for land to hold a building for our HO modules and equipment. We would build the structure, but we need a grant to fund such an enterprise. If you have any relevant ideas, contact Fred.

Joe Norris displayed his scratch-built representation of a Campbell Scale Models engine house from the 1960s.

The meeting adjourned at 7:42.

Fees are due!

Uncle Sam Want your dues

Time to renew membership in the Land O'Sky, Division 15

Again after much discussion, the fees shall remain at $12.00 and are due September 1, 2009. Collection of fees has begun, please remit your fee to our paymaster.

Please be sure to pick up your new membership card when paying your fees.

WNC Fair 2009 Report

Thanks to all the volunteers who manned the NC Dept Ag G-scale layout. We donated over 156 man hours of work, and were rewarded with a Blue Ribbon for Best in Show for our category. (We have no idea what category it was in.) It was a good opportunity to talk about our division, model railroading, and our upcoming show in March. The volunteers gave out about 700 brochures for our train show. Fred says “Thanks to all who helped out at the fair! “
Joe Norris' brought his scratch-built engine house from the 1960s to the meeting
N scale Trestle N scale Trestle
N scale Trestle N scale Trestle
N scale Trestle Can anybody but Joe Norris identify what this is in this close up?