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From the Superintendent’s Desk

By John Williams, Division 15, Superintendent

John Williams Face Several of you have asked me what my strategic plan is for my term as superintendent. First of all, as a university professor, the words “strategic plan” do not engender warm feelings: We go through the strategic-planning process at least once a year, mostly to no good end. Having said that, I did ponder this question for a while, and to borrow from Model Railroader magazine, I decided my strategic plan is a simple one: Model Railroading is Fun!

Although we at times take various aspects of our hobby seriously, for example contest judging, we all took up the hobby because we enjoyed it. We enjoy the hobby for different reasons. Some of us are prototype modelers, other design and build buildings, still others like operations. One thing about model railroading is that it can incorporate all of us together no matter what aspect of the hobby we pursue. So I am going to work hard to keep that spirit going in the Land O’ Sky Division. One means to that end is to get more of you more involved. This already has had some good results.

Another way to get more involvement is do some hands-on clinics from time to time. At this past month’s meeting we tried something new. Several of us brought in some models that had been judged. Those who brought models talked about them and how they were judged, what received points and what did not. The response to this was very positive. So I plan to ask our clinic committee to reserve a meeting date once every quarter to allow people to bring models and have them informally judged, so to speak, in hopes of creating a better model. Not only will the modeler benefit but others may get stimulated to try their hand. Even those of us that have been in the hobby for decades can still learn new things.

So until next month, remember Model Railroading is Fun.

Your annual dues were due in September.

Last call for dues! If you have not paid your dues ($12.00), please do so ASAP.

Please mail your dues to our pay clerk,
Jim Fuqua, 2813 Hampton Drive, Hendersonville, NC 28791. Thank you!

Please welcome new member Billy Hensley

Operating Sessions on the LOST RR

We are on the road several times in September and October, and as a result we will not have any operating sessions at the Barn during these months. Here are our set-up dates away from home:

  1. September 13   Train Show                 Hickory (done)
  2. October 4           Farm City Days         Hendersonville
  3. October 18         Fall by the Tracks    Black Mountain
Member support is needed at all of these events. Your time and our effectiveness before the public can be enhanced if we coordinate our efforts. Please contact Fred Coleman or Wally Brown to let them now of your ability to assist.

Start planning now: Our next train show is February 20 and 21 at the Asheville Civic Center.