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March 2009, Volume 38 No. 7, Page 2

The 2009 Train Show

By Train Show Chairman, Fred Coleman

We made it through the show without any injuries or any major accidents. I do want to thank everyone that was there to help and/or support the event, which the final attendance totals are as follows: Paid at the door, 740; Pre sold tickets in that count, 19; Kids under 13, 160; Plus vendors & members, 62. Total = 962. I will have more information at the March meeting.

Again, I want to thank all of you that worked on any and every part of the show. Very few realize all the work that goes into the show, starting with the modules needed to be touched up here and there, minor adjusting, breaking the modules down, transporting, setting up and keeping trains running, being attentive to attendees, working with the kids, security, working the door, the company store, and all the other jobs, large and small, that pushed the show to good success considering the times we are going through right now. When everyone pitches in and cooperates, it makes small tasks of a huge project, and we all can take a bit of pride in our collective accomplishments.

By Semaphore Editor, Clinton Smoke

Another Train Show! At times, I dread the news, but I always go, and I always am glad that I did, especially this year. There is a sense of accomplishment collectively, a group of volunteers got together and put on a remarkable event. Including ourselves, nearly 1,000 folks came to see us! Given the state of the economy there days, I think that is remarkable. I saw lots of members, past members, friends, and even several former students. Former member Wayne Hamilton was there. Author and conference speaker Matt Bumgarner was there. Member Maurice Stone was in town (he usually spend the winter in Florida) And MMR Kent Roberts was there. At one point on Saturday morning I counted about half of the club’s members at the show, most of them fully involved in making the show worthwhile among them, new member Mike Nicoletti was out there recruiting. Good job, Mike

I had fun working at the Company Store with Gordon Fewster, David Purcell, Rick Pyeritz, and even Ben Bartlett! I had a nice visit with Joe Grubba. Watching the children with Thomas and operate the modular layout or the NRHA switching layout is always interesting, satisfying, and entertaining. And in spite the best of intentions, I bought a few items for my own layout. A great show!

Talking to venders, I got the sense that they were satisfied with the show, given the economic conditions. Several private exhibitors appeared to have a slow show, but Jack Mershon seemed to do okay. One commercial vender may have summarized it up well: “I don’t expect to make much money at these events, after paying expenses (food, fuel, lodging, and table fees), but I do try to make contacts for future business. In that regard I consider this show to have been quite successful.”

Left: The switching problem is a lot of fun and concentration! Here is a sample of the ones who challenged it.
Right: Some of the many visitors enthralled by Thomas the Tank Engine
Left: The G scale module gets up and running
Right: Thomas gets some needed main-tenance during the show by Cy and Fred
Left: John, Ben and Gordon are not posing for this picture.
Right: Wally helping out with modeling answers.
Left: The switching layout can involve the whole extended family!
Right: Vendors selling there treasures!