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Important stuff for members!

Our next meeting is January 4 at 7:00 p.m.

Our January program is a slide show of West Virginia railroads presented by Gordon Fewster.

January is also the month in which we have our white elephant sale. So dig out all that stuff, treasures, extras and other goodies that will be exactly what someone else has been looking for.

A short note about our growing library that now has shelves so that it will be easier to sort, catalog, and display our 50 some odd books, 42 video tapes and numerous magazines. We also have had a computer donated to catalog our collection on for easy reference, as well as a VCR that can be used there in the library and for our camera car for shows with our donated TV.

All donations of books, videos or magazines are welcomed and greatly appreciated. We are also looking for a librarian to update and maintain a catalog of our holdings. We have several ideas to use the duplicate books and magazines to help promote model railroading in our area but welcome any new suggestions for getting this project on track.

Our paymaster, Jim Fuqua, notes that a new membership roster will be coming out very soon listing all the faithful members who have paid their dues for the 2006-2007 year. A few still have not paid. Dues were due in September. If you have overlooked sending in your check, please mail it today to Jim Fuqua, 2813 Hampton Drive, Hendersonville, NC 28791.

We are now accepting appropriate ads from businesses related to the model railroad hobby. These ads will appear as business-card sized displays and sell for $10 a placement, $50 for six months and $100 for the year. Anyone can bring in an ad. Please get the business card and check to the editor by the 15th of the month. For purposes enticing prospects, our current circulation is 90.

Operating Sessions

We had another good turnout on Saturday, December 9th,, and once again had several new operators. Anyone that has questions or comments concerning any of our sessions please feel free to contact us so that we can continue to improve what we do. Email Wally Brown at

We have settled into the 2nd Saturday (1pm - 3pm) and 4th Sunday (2pm - 4pm) for our operating sessions. If you would like to have a different day or time to be considered, please email me so we can hopefully include those who have not been able to attend due to our current operating schedule.

Again, if you have never participated in operations it doesn't matter as one of the goals is to work with the NEW operator, and help them learn some basics. What you will discover is that it is quite fun to run trains in a prototypical fashion. Probably more important than anything else is the enjoyment of the fellowship with other model railroaders.

Finally, due to the holidays, we will NOT have our regular 4th Sunday session this month. The next REGULAR operating session would be on January 13 (1:00pm - 3:00). We will inform every one of any additional sessions scheduled as a result of request for alternate days/times.

Donít forget our train show next month. Get the word out. A copy of the train show flyer is on page 6.