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Club Officers
Superintendent Dave Anderson supt@wncmrr.org
Assistant Superintendent Tom McPherson asstsupt@wncmrr.org
Clerk George Stein clerk@wncmrr.org
Paymaster Dave Anderson paymaster@wncmrr.org
Board Of Directors
Our Board has the Club Officers
and the following members:
Member Penn Bullock bod1@wncmrr.org
Member Exum Davis bod2@wncmrr.org
Member Mike DeVore bod3@wncmrr.org
Member bod4@wncmrr.org
Committee Chairman
Semaphore Editor semaphore@wncmrr.org
Web Lackey Dave Anderson webmaster@wncmrr.org
Good & Welfare welfare@wncmrr.org
Boy Scout Clinics bsaclinic@wncmrr.org
Module Committee Module Chair module@wncmrr.org
Finance finance@wncmrr.org
Annual Train Show
Information Mike DeVore tsinfo@wncmrr.org
Admissions Patty Elder tsadmit@wncmrr.org
Publicity tsadvert@wncmrr.org
Vendors Mike DeVore tsvend@wncmrr.org
Company Store George Stein tscstore@wncmrr.org
Concessions Maureen Rigg tsconcession@wncmrr.org